How much is shipping?

-Shipping is $3 on any order UNDER $40! We offer free shipping on orders over $40! 

Are these earring heavy?

-NO! They are very lightweight, you'll barely know they are on! (minus all the compliments you will get on them!!)

Will they break? 

-NO! They are all handmade and look fragile, but they are durable and slightly flexible! 

How do I care for my items? 

-Polymer clay is a plastic-like material once cured and will not shatter if dropped. It bends before breaking, but please take care and remember that each earring is handmade and can break with enough force.

-Makeup and other debris can be removed from clay components by gently going over blemished areas with a cotton swap or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or water.

-Metal components may tarnish and darken over time if exposed to water and oils from the skin, but can be easily cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth and/or tarnish remover.

-To extend the life of your jewelry, it is highly recommended that your MH Studio jewelry be removed and stored safely prior to sleeping and bathing.